Techart formula 18″ wheels…

Sending the Kinesis to be powdered coated, and rebarreled, so got the TechArt’s some new tires so I can enjoy the car in the meantime!

Top is Kinesis 18×10 with 285s
Bottom is TechArt 18×10.5 with 275s

The Kinesis should become 18×14 with 345s

Big issue small solution…

Fixing the broken roof mechanism

1. Do not try to open or close.
2. Detach actuator bars (red ends). 

Note: System should have no tension now, if that is the case, get roof in maintenance position and remove metal cover. Otherwise make sure there is NO tension.

3. Detach transmission arms main bolts
4. Detach and inspect the transmission cables.
5. Inspect the arms and bushings for damage or deformation.
6. Replace transmission cables if broken.
7. Replace arm(s) if bent or deformed.
8. Use an electric drill to align the transmissions using the marks on each side.
9. Attach the arms and attempt to move while inspection is being done by a peer.